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Tepe Mellemrumsbørste ekstra blød Mix (8 styk)

Perfect for those who use TePe Interdental Brush Extra soft in several sizes, or who have not yet figured out what the optimal size / color is for you yet. Here is (almost) full collected in one bag.
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If you do not know what size TePe interdental brush Extra soft you may need, or if your space varies, then mix package from TePe is quite obviously needed. Here are the 8 different sizes, so there is certainly a perfect size for you.

Look at the picture on this page to see different sizes of TePe in millimeter

Interdental brush as follows:

- Ergonomic handle offers comfortable grip and good cleaning control.
- The metal wire is covered with plastic to ensure that the stem does not scratch tooth surfaces or implant.
- Brush and handle in one piece.
- 8 different models in different colors makes it easy to distinguish them.
- Handle and packet are made of environmentally friendly polyprolen plastic.

The cap on the brush provided to protect the brush (if carried in the pocket or in a bag) and so it also functions as an extension of the handle. There is no cap to the gray brush (1.3 mm), since here the bristles are quite long.

Choose a brush that will fit your space. Do not use toothpaste on the brush

Effective cleaning with your interdental brush:
1. Slide the brush in the right spots in between your teeth. If it does not slide quite easy to change the angle or try a different size.

2. Move the brush in and out in its full length until the gap is completely clean. If the brush is angled, so you must make it from one side and then the other side - it will clean a larger surface.

3. It will be easier to clean your teeth if you bend the wire so that it can get into the right angle. Once you have bent brush, then bend it the opposite way, or attempt to straighten it out. This can damage the brush.

Størrelse på Tepe Mellemrums Børster

Er du ny til TEPE mærket skal du være opmærksom på at producenterne angiver mellemrumsstørrelsen forskelligt. Hos tepe henviser millimeter til diameter på den tråd der sidder ved børsten. Ved andre producenter kan det være i forhold til størrelsen af mellemrummet på tanden. Du kan se størrelses forholdet her: